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These 10 deadly advertising mistakes may be destroying your business and how to avoid them (Part 1)

To become successful in one aspect, one has to undergo several experiments to learn lessons. When it comes to business, it is no exception. By the time you come up with a suitable advertising solution for your store, you might have been through massive hurdles that may prevent you from engaging more audience. This article will present to you the 10 most fatal advertising mistakes and how you can avoid them actively. 

1. Using Engagement Ad in the wrong way

Starting with an engagement ad is probably one of the most common mistakes that any advertiser can make. Of course, there is nothing wrong with using an engagement ad to serve your business’s goal. The problem is which goal are you setting for your business? If the target involves more clicks, more attention from viewers, then using this ad can improve your brand recognition. But in some cases, being popular does not mean your store is benefitting the most. 

Imagine this situation: you created an engagement ad and collected several likes and shares from the audience. However, another issue emerges as you are trying to turn that post into a conversion ad. Unluckily, it is quite impossible to convert any sales from the post as the initial purpose of it was engaging the audience, not selling things. Thus, the harsh truth is no matter how many people adore your post content, this ad type can’t help you grow any sales figures. 

Using Engagement Ad cannot funnel you with any direct sales though it can promote your brand awareness and recognitions
Using Engagement Ad cannot funnel you with any direct sales though it can promote your brand awareness and recognitions

2. Too specific audience

There have been some controversial ideas on the volume of the audience in your ads. Some say you should target a specific type of receiver. It is way better to aim at broader scopes. The biggest misconception for any advertisers is trying to focus on one particular group of audience. However, it is by having a broader one that you can enhance your chance of spreading ads. Hence next time creating an ad, ask yourself maybe widening your target can bring about massive success.

3. Redirecting traffic to your homepage

This mistake exclusively happens to businesses selling more than one item online. You can increase your chance of earning more profit by using a product page. Skip the homepage and move to this new one, which will bring awesome results. The reason behind this trick is quite clear. At the homepage, the “add to cart” button may take customers around 30 seconds to locate and get them. Not many people are that patient to do that, and you certainly do not want to lose one potential buyer, right?

On the other hand, the Shopify platform always features the “Add to cart” button on the upper half of the homepage. User experience then will improve more smoothly and the conversion rate will be upgraded than you can imagine. After all, the longer one has to spend on locating that button, the more chances for them to drop it. 

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4. Neglect all of your margins

People learn from making mistakes, but remember that mistakes come at their price. You can simply refer to it as margins. It may not surprise you to hear that a $1000-cost ad does not create a single sale, it is normal, as long as you know how to deal with the failure. However, at the same time, your financial health is suffering and you should take all cost-related issues into deep consideration. 

Considering the costs of an ad while doing product pricing can change your way to approach it profoundly. Take Amazon as an example. Don’t compare with them as this business has built up strong emperors of affiliate marketing channels. What’s powerful about this is that there are huge ad prices that can be reduced, making Amazon even more profitable. Most of the time, fees involve paying commissions for the one affiliating link. Now you understand why they are so capable of selling items at such a low price and still growing strongly. 

5. Featuring plain photos

A good picture is worthy of thousands of words. However, most advertisers are making a crucial point while delivering visual effects. For a new online store, it can be hard to get the kind of photos that can allure customers’ minds quickly. Nor can you come and present influencer photos with your products. At this point, most people will go with taking their products on a while boring background. It is not that late to realize it can bring about a large disappointment.

The keys to creating a stunning product photo is featuring the influencers, thinking out of the box and know customer demands
The keys to creating a stunning product photo are featuring the influencers, thinking out of the box, and know customer demands

The most ideal way to present your products via Facebook Ads is by using influencer photos. This has been recommended by several experienced advertisers. You can start searching in your network or actively find new ones on social media platforms. For example, applying Direct Message on Instagram can help you on your way to connect with potential influencers and ask for partnerships. Another tip is never to forget the fundamentals. They include finding the purpose of your photos, how you want your customers to see them, and which functions can serve their lives. 

In terms of photo quality, you need to think out of the box to provide a fresh outlook with the results. What makes yours different from others? Being different is not necessarily be so challenging. You can simply change the angle of taking a photo or change the background colors. Keep a close eye on the latest trend on the market and learn how you can apply those to your next work. Also, take notice of how a color can reflect product feelings and functions. Red is known as powerful, aggressive, and outrageous, so you can use it to highlight one part of the items. 

What’s now?

In the upcoming part, there will be another article discussing the 5 mistakes left. These common mistakes today can harmfully affect your level of ad performance, so look out for them. It is fine to make mistakes and learn from them, as long as you do not repeat the same experiences twice. Also, with the long process of making ads, save up human resources is equally important. Make sure you invest your energy in the most crucial parts and let technology serves the assisting role. Therefore, consider trying some cool programs like Shopify apps which can alleviate your burden of so many tasks. They can support you in many aspects with professional levels. 

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