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6 Practical Hacks To Turn Your Abandoned Cart Into A Sales Funnel

You might land your business career in any industry you ever plan. However, the final goal of any eCommerce store ends up at the checkout cart of customers. All the content marketing campaigns, alluring navigation pages, email marketing serve the mutual purpose of selling more and selling hard. When new customers land on your checkout page, everything is nearly completed. Unluckily, not all visitors turn into your buyers, and cart abandonment can cause dire consequences on your financial health.

Before looking at how we can manage abandoned carts by turning them into a powerful weapon, let’s review some key data first. Some sectors experience a higher rate of product dropouts than others, and there can be several factors behind this. Travel sites, for example, account for a large amount of cart abandonment. Some just want to review the whole situation without actually making transactions. After calculation, it is estimated that around 77% of cart checkout ends up being dropped out. 

Cart abandonment happens because of several factors that are familiar to any enterprise. From declined credit cards to slow delivery time and page errors, these are potential factors that can lead to your low sales figures. Among all, the largest factor is the high additional cost that has prevented customers from buying the products. 

Understanding several factors behind cart abandonment, it will be much easier to learn how to make the most out of these issues. You will take into account several points to change your abandoned cart and make the customers come back to you. 

The choice of customers to abandon cart at last minute can boil down to several reasons, so knowing them will help with addressing the issue more properly
The choice of customers to abandon cart at the last minute can boil down to several reasons, so knowing them will help with addressing the issue more properly

1. Reminding them of what is abandoned

People tend to forget the most unimportant and urgent things by the end of the day. Therefore, sending a brief and quick email to remind them of what they have left might wake them up. You might just send easy messages that contain important issues to keep the customers belong to you. They think to themselves how could they give up on that and may come back later when they are free. 

2. Be personal

Do not send the same emails with the same old messages to the same people. It is critical to personalize your emails to succeed with what you are selling. Email personalization is becoming increasingly popular in this marketplace to stand your business out. It is much more simple than you imagine: all you have to do is addressing the email with their names, who they are and what they choose. This is perhaps the clearest strategy you can try on at the moment and it can change the game forever.

3. Intrigue them with some stunning rewards 

One of the reasons why customers choose to abandon their carts is due to a higher price than expected. People are simple, they just add up all the items that they intended to buy when adđing to the cart. However, one issue they are forgetting is the extra cost including shipping fees, personal taxes, and other adding costs. When the actual results appear, they feel disappointed and leave the place.

Therefore, as a sensible seller, it is a wise investment to give them incentives to persuade them to come back to you. One outstanding example for you is sending free shipping. According to some surveys, shoppers have a higher intention of abandoning carts when the shipping fees are too high. Hence, offering free shipping terms will erase those reasons and more people may turn back to you for buying the items only. 

4. Feature the page with related products

Another possible reason why they refuse to purchase the products at the last minute is that they do not like them. Though they might fancy other related items, you have not shown it to them, so it is quite hard to notice and change their mind. Instead of trying to persuade them to rethink their own decision, why not introducing some related products? Recommend new items in the “You may also like”. Your visitors have time to check whether they fancy this new item and make their minds. Sending these items via emails so that you can increase a higher chance of convincing them of buying similar products. 

5. Consider customer feedback and personal testimonial

Customer reviews, as well as personal testimonials, are regarded as ones of the most influential factors behind the sales improvements. People always turn to other buyers’ purchases whenever they think about buying the same products. This is because they believe that honest reviews are more worthwhile than another marketing plan. After all, buyers have no bias in what they already bought and shared their own opinions. 

The human being, regardless of history, is forever a social creature. They are affected by the large majority of others, popular beliefs, mindsets, and decisions. Opinions on one product or service can have a large influence on the next lines of customers, whether it is positive or not. Knowing this psychological factor, business owners can turn it into strengths by adding more positive feedback on your website to promote. 

customers tend to rely on other previous feedback before buying the same items or services, as we are social creature that can not live without other's opinion
Customers tend to rely on other previous feedback before buying the same items or services, as we are social creatures that can not live without other’s opinion

6. Choose the right moment 

Choose the time to send an email after a Shopify abandoned cart email is of the critical point. The most popular practice is sending them no more than 1 hour to keep the idea of purchasing in their mind freshly. It is helpful, according to some studies. People want to be reminded not to forget one particular issue. This can help with a higher rate of conversion, with more than 20 percent, while only 17 percent of conversion is generated with the email sent more than one day. 

Also, avoid sending too many emails or you can turn into distractive factors in your customer’s minds. It is not about how many, but when to send, so be sure to divide them into smaller phrases to send more effectively. Checking the abandoned cart rate regularly to find what time your customers tend to leave most so you can choose the suitable moments for sending later.

To sum up 

Abandoned carts can be a hurtful experience, but you will gain largely if you dig deep enough. There can be different cart abandonment strategies depending on what you are selling. Hence, no better ways exist than experience and thrive from them to increase more sales numbers faster than you ever imagine. Bear in mind that there are still some great assistant tools like Shopify apps to boost up your eCommerce business more powerfully, especially enhance your Google SEO ranking. 

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