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12 Sure-fire Ways To Measure And Boost Up Your Email Marketing (Part 2)

In the previous part, we already discussed the six most popular ways to measure your email marketing campaign. Each rate kind represents a specific function, and marketers will apply them to their business depending on the current situation. In the article today, we will show you 6 more great approaches to measure your email marketing. In the end, with these 12 magic tools, you can upgrade your business performance to the maximum level.

7. Unsubscribe Rate

It is totally normal for a business to experience some percentage of unsubscription. This can be due to several reasons, both external and internal side. Maybe your customers simply did not want to sign up because they are not in demand anymore. Maybe they are more attracted to the other party’s offers. Whatever it is, be sure to keep it small and low and there would be no big deal.

On the other hand, if your unsubscribe rate is soaking and jumping at light speed, more than you expected, you have to do something about it. Some actions must be done, like sending more newsletters and more incentives. Another possible explanation might be your content quality. Try to connect to your customers by giving them a relevant and timely piece of information they need. If this short-term solution cannot help, it is high time to sit down and sketch a new, deep strategy to approach the issue.

8. The 24-hour course of performance

Recording the performance from your brand in the 24-hour course is another helpful way to see how you are doing. This is because most subscribers will tend to open your letters in the first 24 hours you sent them. Hence if you receive a substantial number of replies in the initial period, stats are proving a healthy email list.

Another benefit of tracking time is learning more about your audience’s behaviors. Not only can you know when the peak number of subscribers will open the emails can you also know which certain times they most interact with it. For instance, you come to find out the fact that most of the audience opens the newsletters at around 8.30 in the evening.

Knowing more about the structures and behaviors helps you with creating suitable content at the right time. Engaging customers is all about attracting them when they demand them most.

Keep track of your customer activity benefits you in many ways like knowing what to send at which specific time to what types of customers.
Keep track of your customer activity benefits you in many ways like knowing what to send at which specific time to what types of customers.

9. Subscribers who open most frequently

Measuring how many times your audience opens your emails can help to identify who is most loyal. Knowing who your key customers are allowing you to redirect your approach and focusing more on them. Learning about who is the most engaged and reward them later with some gifts like discounts or special products. It is one of the easiest ways to win and keep their hearts to your email marketing.

10. Uninterested Subscribers

Uninterested subscribers are different from unsubscribers. These people are on your email lists but for some reason, they never click to open your emails and engage with you. It is a waste of money and effort to keep sending emails to these uninterested people without anything back.
If you ever encounter this issue, the only option to do is deleting them from your email list. It seems to be a harsh way to address, but you will benefit in the long run by cutting unnecessary costs.

11. Forwarding

The power of forwarding your emails, just as sharing on social media should never be neglected. If a person you know well forwards you a new email, it is more likely that you will read it. A business can increase the rate of open rate by caring more about the personal recommendation.
Not only do your subscribers find something helpful about your emails but they also get you a potential client. Your content was so relevant that the audience cannot wait to share it with their circle of network. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask your receivers nicely to forward the mails to someone they know and wish to share a particular piece of content.

12. Location

Locate where the most essential customers live is beneficial to any email marketing campaign. There is a wide range of merits behind it, but we will shortly discuss the most prominent ones. First of all, having clear info about the timezone of the audience, a marketer will know when to send the next newsletter to make sure they will open it. Timing is everything after all.

Another advantage of locating has to do with the demographic job. This latter allows you to create more suitable content, advance the promoting process and setting up the right Facebook Ad. Based on different locations of the readers, you will be able to craft more personal and relevant content to their lives without being too general. The audience will feel more than just normal and think of themselves as a special customer to have your care. Hence, sit down and do your analytic work properly to get the dream data you ever wish for.

Location not only helps with knowing more about the timezone but marketers can use them for demographic job
Location not only helps with knowing more about the timezone but marketers can use them for demographic job

Bonus: Don’t forget to measure the revenue in return

In the first part of our article, we already mentioned the importance of linking all the marketing measurements to your business goals. All fancy stats and figures are effortless if they don’t align with the ultimate goal of your business and move it forward. One way to make sure you are doing the right path is by applying ROI, also known as return on investment. This rate measures how much you earn in comparison with the cost you invested in the first course. This will avoid you from getting into trouble from earning less than investing in and figure out how to double the money you put in.

This article is designed to guide you with everything you need to make an email campaign successful. Make sure that you use the right rating method at the most suitable moment to get the best out of it. After that, analyze how your business can develop to further reach the final goals. Meanwhile, do not forget that there is a wide range of available apps and tools out there to support you with the hassle. One of them is known as Shopify apps, which assists your business operation to better reach maximum performance.

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