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Ultrasonic Facial Spatula

Experience advanced skincare with our Ultrasonic Facial Device, combining Ultrasonic vibration, EMS micro-current, ion import, and ion export technologies. Tailored to meet your daily skincare needs, this device promotes smoother and more delicate skin. The ultrasonic high-frequency vibration deeply cleanses, removing acne and blackheads while efficiently delivering nutrients for comprehensive skincare. With four versatile modes – Peel, lifting, Ion+, Ion- – it effectively cleans pores, removes dirt and excess oil, tightens and lifts skin, reduces fine lines, and enhances nutrient absorption. The device’s simple and stylish appearance, compact size, and portability make it perfect for home or travel use, ensuring you can care for your facial skin effortlessly anytime, anywhere. Upgrade your skincare routine with our Ultrasonic Facial Device for radiant and healthy-looking skin.


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